Jolly Journeys Childcare Center LLC Team


At Jolly Journeys Childcare Center LLC, we hire passionate, dedicated and caring teachers who are committed to making a difference in children’s lives. Take a look below to learn more about our team, and reach out with any questions.


Ms. Lauren

Owner & Director

With almost two decades of experience working with children, my husband and I opened this center with one primary goal in mind; To break the stereotyped daycare stigma. I've seen and experienced the good and bad of childcare. When people hear the word "daycare" and associate our centers name with that word, we want their immediate thoughts to reflect positivity, fun, creativity, an experience all about the children and what's best for them. We want people to know that we are a safe place, that we emphasize inclusion and foster healthy early education foundations for all children regardless of their abilities or "inabilities", and we are an Equal Opportunity Care Provider all around. We believe all children have a right to truly learn and not just be "babysat" and we provide that opportunity to many families who have not been given that same fair opportunity in our communities. We welcome all with open arms, hearts and minds. Here at JJCC we really take the time to hand pick Staff to match each classrooms needs based off individual staff and child observations. I am a firm believer that there is always something more and new to learn each day, regardless of how extensive or broad one's educational background or in-field experience is, we can always learn something new, whether it be about our careers, our purposes and intents, another individual, life as a whole or ourselves. I tell many I cross paths with "Where there is a will, there is a way" because my journey getting here wasn't easy. I can empathize for those families facing daily challenges inside and out, which I think makes me extremely diverse. Being able to understand the many adversities that people face on a day to day basis is super crucial if you're a an individual seeking to be or make a change in the communities and for our children's future. This even applies to early education.