Jolly Journeys Childcare Center Team

Caring & Dedicated


Ms. Lauren

Owner & Director

Opening up JJCC in 2016 has filled a big part of my dreams and aspirations but most importantly provides my mind and heart a huge piece of peace for the fact that we are making a positive impact at the very beginning of somebody special’s, life-our future engineers, chefs, doctors, nurses, firefighters, teachers, sales and retail managers, bakers, police officers, contractors and developers, welders, plumbers, HVAC technicians, fashion designers, therapists and whatever else profession, skilled trade or entrepreneur these kids dream to be-they can dream it and we can help them believe in themselves, fostering healthy relationships and development! I'm an entrepreneur myself and I often have new dreams, goals and enjoy being adventure bound with family. At JJCC we get to set some of the first most important examples for a child on how to be a kind, loving, respectful, understanding and caring human being while friends are in our care. I take pride in the center, our staff and families uniting as one whole village to provide positive learning experiences! As a professional with over almost 2 decades of experience working with children of all ages and diverse backgrounds, a parent and a life learner, I believe in integrity; doing what's right even when nobody is looking as well as accountability; being responsible for yourself, your choices and your actions and owning all that.  JJCC's team of Staff live up to my high expectations in providing safe, high quality care and early education for our communities. We are more than just a daycare. We teach. We learn!

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Ms. Alysha

Lead Teacher - Cooers & Cruiser

Ms. Alysha is an extremely dedicated Teacher. She has been with us since early 2018! We very much admire her awesome artistic skill abilities with lesson plan activities and are truly blessed to have her on our team! Her daughter has attended JJCC since 6 weeks old and still attends, preparing for Kindergarten. Ms. Alysha is an exemplary Teacher here at the center earning Perfect Attendance Awards and showing off her educational background in fine arts!

Day Care
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Ms. Kiara

Lead Teacher - Little Explorers

Ms. Kiara has been on the JJCC team since mid 2019! Prior to joining JJCC, she worked for another childcare center as a Lead Teacher, where she spent time with various age groups. Ms. Kiara has previously volunteered for Summer Camps where she worked with younger and older school age children! Ms. Kiara is extremely devoted to any task she takes on.