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We teach! We learn!

A journey of lifetime enrichment begins here for your child. We do more than care. We teach! We learn!

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Our Story

JJCC LLC was established in 2016. When we built this center, we devoted ourselves to building it on a foundation of love, respect, integrity, trust and partnership. We believe family-teacher partnerships and center-community relationships are key to children thriving in a learning environment. Our team of Teachers, Paraprofessional Staff and our village of enrolled families become our family. We believe in creating UNITY, breaking free of the unhealthy daycare stigmas and raising standards for quality care in a REAL environment. We don't stage photos, tours and picture-perfect classrooms for media and community image. What you see is what you get and in that you'll find authenticity. We are real caregivers and early educators with real passion-driven motive to care for children to the best of our human ability!

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Jolly Journeys Childcare Center LLC


Our mission is to provide care and credibility in a high-quality learning environment at lower rates. At JJCC we want to create a sense of security and comfort, producing a more positive environment and experience for all.

We will direct emphasis on the core principals in the “4 E’s”.
Embrace the value of equality, inclusion, diversity and relationships with all parents/guardians and children, creating jolly journeys of growth and learning and a judgment free opportunity for all to do so.
Empower children to be life-long learners, as they are who they are. Often in a childcare center, you'll find that the Adults in charge will expect your child to adapt to them when in-fact, it should be the opposite. At JJCC we will empower your child learn in their own skin, with their own mind
• Engage in lower ratios to reduce turnover rates which allows us to implement higher, more efficient learning and safety standards.
• Encourage effort and self-esteem to build a successful and brighter future for everyone.

Jolly Journeys Childcare Center LLC


At JJCC LLC we believe early childhood learning should be a time of fun, warmth, security, and consistency for every individual. We will provide opportunity for hands on learning with exploration and discovery. Respect towards oneself, others and our environment will be emphasized. Every child is an individual and will be treated as one, and we will foster their individualism. Our atmosphere will encourage social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth and development. JJCC LLC strives to embolden open communication between staff
and legal parents/guardians in a safe and stimulating environment that will allow us to enrich children through these important first years to the best of our ability.

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Contact Us

14953 Kutztown Rd #4-6, Kutztown, PA 19530, USA

(610) 426-0011

(484) 575-9225

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